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September through to october.

Enjoying the cool September weather. We will  clean your single oven for around £40 pound. ASk us about double ovens prices. For many years we have cleaned all types of ovens from hide and slide to agas. We cover Portsmouth Gosport Lee on the Solent ,emsworth,chichester waterlooville , clainfield, cosham.  Call us on 0800 193 1992.                                                                                                                                                     

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Ready and working

From May 2020 we have been working with the correct face masks and gloves. Keeping are distance and being 2 meters apart.still happy to work on  single and double ovens. Still changing filters and bulbs. Fully eco and if u have  used us before on a regular basis prices stay the same. Stay eco

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hobs filters bits and bobs

we clean hobs that is gas and electric. eletric get a sticky film over the elements that need to be taken care of for the appiance to work fully. and with gas for them u need the tops to be cleaned or they wont light also the first sign of any problems. Extractor is designed to filter the oven during its working time. it keeps the kitchen fresh. To much smoke is never a good thing but with poor filter your going to have a problem. thank u ovencleaning24-7

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double oven

some people get confused between a double oven and a single oven. the price for this is £60 pound , you have two doors two insides, about four racks and trays . this takes about 2 hours. allow extra time for hobs and extractors. thank u oven cleaning 24-7

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single domestic oven

we clean the racks the inside. doors are cleaned and inside when able. for £42 pound all this for the shine. completed with in an hr and half. always ask about hobs extractors too. thank you ovencleaning24-7

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autumn to xmas 2019

feeling the frost and as the leaves drop down , we are ready. supporting you into a new year and the festive period. Range master prices £75 pound any thing bigger come and call us on 0800 193 1992. dont forget we are happy to answer your questions. email us thank you ov24

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Before you tuck your wellies away and your spring clothes are released. Just take some time to think of your little kitchen friend. single oven £40 double oven £57 range master £75 dont be mean to it clean it.

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Winter is here

The chill in the air and heading to the new year we can be contacted by facebook or email to book you in. Also see are great deal in the stay local magazine every few months. grab the best offers by booking oven hob and extractor all in one. we happly cover Portchester, Fareham, Waterlooville, Portsmouth, Clainfield, Petersfield. Weekend appoinments are very busy so keep in mind if your looking for a specifc date or time. call are free number 0800 193 1992 The plegde we made to stay eco is still true and we buy only the best products that keep you safe from fumes and smells. so be kind to the enviroment and enjoy the fresh cold season. mant thanks ovencleaning24/7

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autumn 2018

The kitchen is makeing a return and with this you have the oven to contend with. Some tackle it  while others leave well alone. At ovencleaning 24-7 thats what we do make the dreaded  deed simples. Eco is our mission and to complete the clean within 2 hours.   DIP TANK READY ECO PRODUCTS READY 3.30 APPOINTENTS AVAILABLE So if you value your time book us in now.          

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We love April its OUR best month so with the recent heat wave its time to get your BBQ clean 25 pound for small and 40 pound for a large BBQ . All through  may ,June ,July, August.

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